DIY Fitting Guide

The easiest way is to get us to do it!

But if you want to do it yourself, here is a quick guide:

On existing Lawn

1. Remove the grass and a layer of soil. Use a turf cutter (you don’t have to but it is much easier if you do).

2. Put down a weed membrane over the soil.

3. Lay at least 50mm of mot type 1 and 15mm of sharp sand. Whack the MOT with a wacker so its level and flat, then smooth the sand over the top.

4. Depending on the edge of your boarders you may need to install some edging for example 25x30mm treated tile baton

5. Lay grass out and cut round the edge. If you have a join you will need joining tape and glue (butt up the grass, put the tape underneath with the glue on and stick!) Put pins around the edge every couple of feet to secure it.

6. Brush.

On Concrete
On concrete or a solid surface lay out the lawn, cut and fix round the edge with bonding or screws!

If you have any questions we will be happy to help.


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Perfect for...

• Domestic Use
• Commercial Lawns
• Roof Terraces
• Patios
• Paths
• Childrens Play Areas
• And More!