Q: How much maintenance does it need?
A: Not a lot, bin the mower and have a look at our maintenance page.

Q: Is it suitable for children?
A: Yes, it is always soft and won’t graze your skin whatever the weather. The kids won’t be able to get muddy anymore though!

Q: Is it suitable for pets?
A: Absolutely. The dogs can’t bring any mud or dirt back into the house. And their mess doesn’t affect the grass, just scoop it up and rinse it off.

Q: Does it fade in sunlight?
A: No. It is fully UV protected.

Q: Does it drain like real grass?
A: Yes!

Perfect for...

• Domestic Use
• Commercial Lawns
• Roof Terraces
• Patios
• Paths
• Childrens Play Areas
• And More!