Embrace a hassle-free lifestyle With Artificial Grass.

Our artificial grass brings unparalleled ease and beauty to your outdoor area, ideal for anyone who can’t keep up with the physical demands of lawn care. Embrace a hassle-free lifestyle with Grassed Up’s premium fake grass, which gives you the freedom and joy of an accessible outdoor space year-round, with none of the effort of traditional grass.

Our cutting-edge technology crafts Essex’s finest, most resilient artificial lawn solution, ensuring your garden’s enduring vibrancy with minimal care for at least 10 years. It’s beautiful, long-lasting, and safe for pets and children, making your outdoor space work for you year after year.

Our friendly local installation experts are experienced in providing tailored services for a range of needs. Request your free artificial grass samples now, enquire for a quote, or give us a call on 0800 699 0075 to discuss your needs.

We manufacture our high quality grass, keeping the price very competitive.

Our grass is so thick it doesn’t need any sand or granule infill. It is covered in a silica so dirt doesn’t stick to it and when it rains whatever is on it will get washed through it. This also means if you slide along it wont burn your skin.

We offer free quotations, we can come to your house and measure up or if you send us a photo with the dimensions we will send you a quote.



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Spec Sheet



Spec Sheet

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Transforming Gardens, Enhancing Lives

With Grassed Up, ease, beauty, and quality converge to offer homeowners a garden that’s effortlessly enjoyable, perfectly safe, and eternally appealing. When we install artificial grass, we empower you to enjoy carefree outdoor living.


Maintenance Made Simple

Do you want to be able to treasure your gardens without the backbreaking work they often demand? Or without having to pay someone to maintain it for you? Our artificial grass offers the perfect solution, requiring minimal upkeep and eliminating the need for mowing, weeding, or watering. Embrace a beautiful garden without the effort, perfectly suiting your desire for an easy, carefree outdoor space.


Year-Round Beauty, Zero Hassle

Why settle for a garden that only shines part of the year? Our UV-protected artificial grass stays lush and vibrant through all seasons, ensuring your outdoor space is consistently beautiful without constant care. Artificial lawns mean no mud and mess in the rain.


Seamless Installation for Every Garden

Our expert team provides tailored installation services, ensuring a perfect fit for gardens of all shapes and sizes. Unique access requirements? No problem, we’ve seen it all. Experience a hassle-free makeover that brings your vision to life effortlessly, with minimal disruption to your daily life. We’re in and we’re out – and we tidy up afterwards!


A Welcoming Space for Gatherings

Hosting family and friends in a beautiful outdoor setting has never been easier. Our durable, low-maintenance artificial grass creates the ideal backdrop for social events, ensuring your garden remains inviting and immaculate with minimal effort on your part and no mud or mess.


Safety and Accessibility in Every Corner

Ensuring your garden is welcoming and accessible for all is our priority, especially for those with mobility needs. Our outdoor artificial grass is designed with comfort and ease in mind, providing a smooth, stable surface that enhances the garden’s usability for children, pets, and anyone requiring extra care in mobility, without the worry of uneven or tricky terrain.

Why Choose Grassed Up?

Unmatched Quality: Our artificial grass, distinguished by its authenticity and durability, offers exceptional fake grass. With UV resistance and spring-back technology, you can enjoy vibrant, lush greens for up to 30 years with proper care.

Expert Installation: Our friendly local team ensures a fast, flawless garden makeover with specialised know-how, able to be flexible and compassionate to your needs no matter what they are.

Natural Aesthetics: Enjoy the blend of softness, realism, and durability of synthetic grass without the heat discomfort or UV-induced fade of inferior products on the market.

Safety First: Our artificial lawn grass is child and pet-friendly, offering a clean, enjoyable space for gathering and play without mud or mess.

Our Streamlined Process

Consultation: We’ll visit to understand your needs and how we can help you, while also showcasing our range for you to choose from.

Personalised Quote: Receive a tailored, no-obligation quote, reflecting your vision.

Installation Schedule: We work around you, setting a convenient installation date.

Getting started is simple:


Our easy artificial grass installation service:

  • First, we remove existing grass and prepare the ground using a weed membrane and crushed granite.
  • Next, we meticulously install and fasten the artificial grass, achieving a natural appearance with an expert finish.
  • Finally, we tidy it all up, leaving behind nothing but a pristine lawn for you to enjoy.

What sets us apart is our exceptional customer care and dedication to meeting your needs, however unique. We’ll get your new, accessible garden up and running with minimal disruption.

Embrace Effortless Garden Perfection with Grassed Up

Unlock a life of effortless outdoor enjoyment with Grassed Up’s artificial grass — where beauty, safety, and durability meet minimal maintenance. Our synthetic grass promises a mess-free, accessible garden year-round. Say goodbye to garden chores and hello to more leisurely, beautiful outdoor moments.

Artificial Grass FAQs

Not a lot, bin the mower and have a look at our maintenance page.

Yes, it is always soft and won’t graze your skin whatever the weather. The kids won’t be able to get muddy anymore though!

Absolutely. The dogs can’t bring any mud or dirt back into the house. And their mess doesn’t affect the grass, just scoop it up and rinse it off.

No. It is fully UV protected.