Quality of Goods

Due to the nature of artificial grass when rolled and due to the structure of the artificial grass it may crease and may flatten slightly. Creases will fall out following installation (normally within three months) and any flattening will lift. The artificial grass shall be deemed not to be faulty if when delivered or installed there are creases within it or if it is flat.

Grassed Up will use its reasonable endeavours to reduce the appearance of the joins. However seams are occasionally visible due to the molecular structure of the product. This is unfortunately inevitable and can be influenced by a number of factors. Our warranty does not cover seam visibility.

Artificial grass will in some circumstances curl, flatten and crush, the extent of this will depend on the extent of its usage and the amount of traffic passing on it. This shall be deemed not to be a fault.

Protect heavy traffic areas – perhaps lay a paving slab or two directly under the stepping point from your home to take the initial impact from the step down. The initial step down can cause the artificial grass fibres to sit in different directions or go flat making it appear different from the rest of the area.

Rotate equipment – Football goals, slides, trampolines, outdoor tables and chairs are also a high impact areas. We recommend moving these types of equipment from time to time to ensure even wear conditions on the artificial grass and brush the area with a stiff broom to stimulate the grass pile and freshen it up. it is normal for the artificial grass to sit flatter in these high use areas.

Placement of decorative pieces in your garden – You need to consider whether there are any mirrors, shiny features or any glass adjacent to the artificial grass area The sun rays can be reflected and magnified onto the artificial grass could cause scorching. Therefore it is important that you, the customer, consider their placement is not in direct sunlight. Any such damage is not covered by the guarantee and repairs to scorched grass will be chargeable at our discretion.

Artificial grass from different batches of manufacture may differ slightly in colour. Grassed Up will supply in respect of any one order supply grass from the same batch. However, artificial grass supplied under different orders is unlikely to be from the same batch and therefore may differ in colour. Any such colour variation shall be deemed not to be a fault.

The artificial grass supplied may differ slightly in colour from any samples sent and also from any samples shown on any website or promotional literature due to the limitations of reproducing images on the website or in such literature.

Maintenance is required – Grassed Up cannot guarantee that no weeds will grow in the surface or around the edges of any of their products. If weeds or moss do appear these can be removed safely either manually or by the use of any domestic weed/moss killer. In the case of dogs it will be necessary to clean the artificial grass with an artificial grass pet cleaner once a week to minimise any odours. While we can never say this will completely remove all odours it will greatly reduce any.

All of the grasses sold by Grassed Up are covered by a Manufacturers UV anti fade Warranty (Details available on request)
All work carried out is GUARANTEED for a period of 2 years against faulty workmanship directly attributed by us. The exclusions to this are damage caused by natural causes i.e. Ground movement or storm damage etc. or damage caused by the customer or lack of maintenance after completion.