Benefits of Premium Artificial Grass for Your Chelmsford Garden.

When you invest in premium artificial grass, you transform your garden into a gorgeous and effortless extension of your home.

Our trio of custom artificial grasses are tailored to enhance any Chelmsford-based garden, offering a pristine, low-maintenance alternative to natural turf. And thanks to over a decade of experience, we are confident that we provide unrivalled design and quality.

Perfect for busy families and those seeking easy accessibility, our fake grass ensures a beautiful garden all year round without the hassle of constant upkeep.

We manufacture our high quality grass, keeping the price very competitive.

Our grass is so thick it doesn’t need any sand or granule infill. It is covered in a silica so dirt doesn’t stick to it and when it rains whatever is on it will get washed through it. This also means if you slide along it wont burn your skin.

We offer free quotations, we can come to your house and measure up or if you send us a photo with the dimensions we will send you a quote.



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The Best Artifical Grass In Chelmsford

We are confident that our artificial grass is the best in Chelmsford, Essex. Each blade is meticulously crafted to offer unmatched durability and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that our grass not only looks luxurious but also withstands the test of time.

Safe for Everyone

Safety should be the first concern in any outdoor space, making it crucial for artificial grass to be safe for everyone, including pets, children, and those with accessibility needs. All our artificial grass designs are made to be non-toxic and durable, providing a secure environment, so customers across Chelmsford can enjoy their garden worry-free.

Family Friendly

No Nasty Chemicals Needed: Safe for all hands and paws, our artificial grass is completely non-toxic, ensuring a worry-free play area for children and pets. And you can forget all about harsh pesticides or fertilisers – our grass stays lush and green without them, making it a safer choice for your family.

Gentle on Little Knees: Designed to cushion falls, our grass does not give turf burn like most alternatives, keeping playtime fun and pain-free for your kids.

Smooth and Steady: Our even surfaces eliminate tripping hazards, offering peace of mind for families with young children or anyone with mobility concerns.


Low Maintenance: Our artificial grass requires no mowing or heavy upkeep, cutting out all the intense gardening and leaving you with an effortless beautiful garden.

Accessible For Everyone: With expert installation, your grass will be evenly laid, making it perfect for wheelchair users and individuals with walking aids, letting you enjoy your garden to the fullest.

Create Your Modern Garden

Our premium artificial grass is the ideal complement to modern and contemporary Essex homes, especially those featuring bifold doors, blending indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly. Our artificial grass provides a lush, green appearance year-round, regardless of the weather. This consistency means your garden always looks inviting, letting you host friends and family stress-free.

Keep Your Home Squeaky Clean

Living in Chelmsford, you know all too well how our clay soil can turn your garden into a mud pit after just a bit of rain. When you’ve got kids and pets who love to run around outside, every play day in the garden means a major cleanup job later. With an artificial turf lawn, you can put those muddy days behind you. Our grass stays green and clean all year round, rain or shine. No more muddy footprints and stained clothes, just more time to enjoy your pristine home and garden.

Reclaim Your Free Time

Everyone is seeking ways to cut down on time-consuming chores. Grassed Up’s artificial grass is the perfect solution for your busy life, eliminating the need for boring, strenuous gardening tasks. Imagine reclaiming those hours spent on lawn maintenance and instead using that time to relax and create memories with friends and family. Our artificial grass ensures your garden is always pristine and party-ready, giving you more freedom to enjoy life without the burden of gardening.

A Long Lasting Investment

Forget the ongoing costs of watering, mowing, and fertilising! Our high-quality artificial grass remains lush and vibrant, not just for a season, but for up to 30 years. We’re so confident in the durability and longevity of our fake grass that we proudly offer a 10-year guarantee. By choosing Grassed Up, you’re not just investing in a beautiful garden, you’re choosing a long-term, cost-effective solution that keeps your outdoor space looking perfect with minimal effort and expense.

Expert Installation in Chelmsford

Revitalise your garden with our installation experts operating in Chelmsford, who can work wonders in just one day. We will handle everything from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transformation of your outdoor space. We’ll leave no mess behind, just a pristine, lush artificial lawn for you to enjoy right away. Imagine stepping outside to a beautifully transformed garden without any of the hassle. With Grassed Up, it’s all about giving you a gorgeous, high-quality garden quickly and cleanly. Let us take care of the details while you relax and look forward to the easy garden days ahead.

Start Your Garden Transformation Today

Trust in your local artificial grass experts operating in Chelmsford to revitalise your life with a hassle-free, gorgeous garden. Try our Quick Quote Calculator now to get started.

Artificial Grass FAQs

Not a lot, bin the mower and have a look at our maintenance page.

Yes, it is always soft and won’t graze your skin whatever the weather. The kids won’t be able to get muddy anymore though!

Absolutely. The dogs can’t bring any mud or dirt back into the house. And their mess doesn’t affect the grass, just scoop it up and rinse it off.

No. It is fully UV protected.