Transform Your Outdoor Space With Artificial Turf In Essex.

The dream of a perfect, hassle-free garden becomes a reality with Grassed Up’s premium artificial grass in Essex. We have custom-designed and perfected our products over the last 10 years to offer unmatched realism and resilience.

With a higher stitch rate and heavier yarn, our UV-protected fake grass ensures all-year-round vibrancy and usability, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful, mud-free lawn in any weather. Less mess, more use.

From Basildon to Chelmsford, our local expertise ensures a seamless fit for your garden, transforming it into a safe, accessible, beautiful outdoor area you can make full use of all year. With a 10-year guarantee, you can trust in our long-lasting artificial grass solutions.

Choose Grassed Up for a garden that’s not only the envy of your neighbours but also a joy for you and your family every day. Enquire to order a free sample, use our Quick Quote calculator for an instant price, or just give us a call.

We manufacture our high quality grass, keeping the price very competitive.

Our grass is so thick it doesn’t need any sand or granule infill. It is covered in a silica so dirt doesn’t stick to it and when it rains whatever is on it will get washed through it. This also means if you slide along it wont burn your skin.

We offer free quotations, we can come to your house and measure up or if you send us a photo with the dimensions we will send you a quote.



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Spec Sheet



Spec Sheet

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Who Can Benefit From Artificial Grass?

It’s Perfect for Busy Young Families

Grassed Up’s artificial grass revolutionises outdoor living for Essex’s young families. It enables kids and pets to safely enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities without the mess, while also simplifying hosting social gatherings. Say farewell to the endless battle against mud, clippings, and the demands of constant garden maintenance. Our durable, low-maintenance turf is crafted to enhance the modern home, boosting its visual charm and enriching your family’s quality time outdoors.

It Makes Your Garden an Accessible Haven

Discover the comfort and increased accessibility that our artificial grass provides, especially valued by those with mobility concerns. Grassed Up ensures that everyone, from wheelchair users to retirees can enjoy their garden safely and freely, without the worry of maintenance or uneven surfaces. Our expertly installed, low-maintenance turf is a testament to inclusive outdoor living.

Why Choose Grassed Up for Your New Artificial Lawn?

  • Local Knowledge and Specialisation: Our intimate understanding of Essex’s clay soil means we provide the most professional-looking installation every time. Being local to Essex means we’re just around the corner, ensuring swift and convenient service right to your doorstep.
  • Unmatched Quality: We’re confident that our fake grass, which we custom-designed ourselves, truly stands apart in quality. Its unique blend of realism and resilience is unlike any other on the market.
  • Extended Durability: Our grass comes with a 10-year guarantee, which we’re confident can extend to over 30 years with proper care, promising you lasting vibrancy with minimal upkeep.
  • All-Year-Round Beauty: Our products are UV-protected to maintain their colour and appeal through every season. The lack of mud also means you can use your lawn year-round, no matter the weather.

The Transformative Power of Artificial Grass

Streamlining Garden Maintenance

Artificial grass offers a beautiful, clean garden without the hassle of real grass. Say goodbye to the endless cycle of mowing, weeding, and watering with our low-upkeep solution, freeing up precious time for you to actually enjoy the space you’ve paid for.

Ending the Mud Battle

Our artificial turf eliminates the effects of the long-staying mud typical of Essex clay soil. This means you get a clean, durable garden and home environment year-round, regardless of the weather.

Prioritising Safety and Access

Empowering easy access, our artificial grass creates a secure space for people of all mobility levels. We’ve perfected our child-friendly and pet-friendly artificial grass to ensure it’s safe for everyone.

Maintaining Year-Round Lushness

Enjoy an evergreen garden without costly, annoying seasonal upkeep. Our UV-protected turf stays green and inviting without fading like cheaper products you can buy from standard home stores.

Get the Best Quality Artificial Grass in Essex

Grassed Up delivers more than just artificial grass; we offer a lifestyle upgrade for Essex homeowners seeking effortless outdoor beauty and practicality. Once we’ve installed your new fake turf, you’ll be amazed at how easy and enjoyable making the most of your garden becomes.

Order your free grass samples to imagine your new fake grass lawn or get in touch now. If you have your rough garden measurements ready, you can also get a free, instantaneous quote below.

Artificial Grass FAQs

Not a lot, bin the mower and have a look at our maintenance page.

Yes, it is always soft and won’t graze your skin whatever the weather. The kids won’t be able to get muddy anymore though!

Absolutely. The dogs can’t bring any mud or dirt back into the house. And their mess doesn’t affect the grass, just scoop it up and rinse it off.

No. It is fully UV protected.