Enhance Your Outdoor Living With Artificial Grass in Essex.

Realise your garden dreams with our cutting-edge synthetic turf. Our premium artificial grass offers durability, style, and hassle-free relaxation. We can transform your garden into a safe and fun family environment so you can make the most of your home with none of the time-consuming, stressful upkeep. When you choose Grassed Up, you’re choosing:

Low-Maintenance: With hardly any upkeep, your spare time can finally be family time.

Competitive Price: We offer great value while never sacrificing quality.

Proven Durability: Our UV-resistant technology means our fake grass can stay vibrant for at least 30 years, with a 10-year guarantee.

Easy Installation: From our quick quotes and free samples to one-day, mess-free installation, we remove the stress from start to finish.

Natural Look: Softness meets durability with our innovative designed artificial grass.

Child and Pet-Friendly: Safe for the whole family so you can trust in your outdoor space.

We manufacture our high quality grass, keeping the price very competitive.

Our grass is so thick it doesn’t need any sand or granule infill. It is covered in a silica so dirt doesn’t stick to it and when it rains whatever is on it will get washed through it. This also means if you slide along it wont burn your skin.

We offer free quotations, we can come to your house and measure up or if you send us a photo with the dimensions we will send you a quote.



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Spec Sheet

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Who Has the Time?

Day-to-day life is already jam-packed, so why add time-consuming grass maintenance to your plate? Regular grass is needy, fickle, and hard work. That’s why we created our low-maintenance, high-quality, long-lasting artificial grass – and here is why it is the perfect addition to your family home:

Spare Time Can Be Family Time

Don’t spend your precious free time hunched over in your garden mowing, watering, treating, and reseeding your grass. Grassed Up’s innovative, top-quality artificial grass is your hassle-free solution, leaving your spare time to be quality family time. Thanks to our durable yarn and ‘spring back’ technology, all the grass requires is a weekly rinse and monthly rake through to keep it natural-looking and luscious. With our synthetic turf, not even the seasons can ruin your fun, as our grass stays consistently beautiful all year round, so you can always make the most of your gorgeous garden, stress-free.

Safe and Fun for the Whole Family

You shouldn’t need to lug the mower out just to have fun with your children, so our durable, high-density grass can easily withstand all types of play and fun without any time-consuming maintenance. As a parent, safety is always on your mind, but with a Grassed Up garden, you’ll never need to worry; not only is our synthetic grass free of any toxic chemicals, but each blade of soft grass is also coated in silica so your children can slide and skid all they want without the worry of turf burns or mess. Relax with the peace of mind that your lawn is the picturesque, worry-free play area it was always meant to be!

Even Your Fur Babies Will Love Our Pet-Friendly Grass

All our grass is safe for pets to enjoy. Typically pets can have a big impact on the aesthetic consistency of natural grass by creating patchy bleached spots or digging holes in the soil. With our artificial grass, this will no longer be a problem. Also, any mess they produce can be easily scooped up and rinsed off, keeping your garden clean and beautiful.

Our Artificial Grass is Guaranteed to Stand the Test of Time

We never skimp on quality, and you shouldn’t either. Thanks to over a decade spent perfecting our product and expertly tailored installation, our artificial grass is guaranteed to be longer-lasting and more durable than other fake grass brands. Cheaper options may look good to the untrained eye, but they will quickly fade and fall apart, requiring replacing in just a few years. Our grass is made from innovative, UV-protected yarn that does not fade in the sunlight, so you can be assured of 30 years of vibrancy.

Furthermore, our 10-year guarantee means you can trust in the high quality and durability of our synthetic turf and enjoy your lush garden, hassle-free, for many years to come. Why not try our ‘one-week mat test’ where you use our free sample as a door mat? We are confident ours will outperform any competitors.

Start Your Garden Transformation Today

Thanks to our incredible team of installation experts and state-of-the-art equipment, your new artificial lawn can be laid in just one day. We remove the worry and stress of the process, so you can sit back and relax while we reinvigorate your home’s garden, taking any mess away with us.

We offer free quotations, in person and online, as well as free samples for you to test our premium-quality artificial grass. So bin the mower and enhance your home’s style and practicality by trying Grassed Up today.

Artificial Grass FAQs

Not a lot, bin the mower and have a look at our maintenance page.

Yes, it is always soft and won’t graze your skin whatever the weather. The kids won’t be able to get muddy anymore though!

Absolutely. The dogs can’t bring any mud or dirt back into the house. And their mess doesn’t affect the grass, just scoop it up and rinse it off.

No. It is fully UV protected.